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Michael Wallace

Michael Wallace

Michael Wallace, founder and chief designer, has been working on the design of sculpture, furniture, and equipment for over 40 years. Born in the Pacific Northwest, his sense of design is inherently influenced by the forces of nature, fluidity, balance, and strength. Now living in the San Francisco Bay Area Michael integrates the sophistication of modern urban excitement and materials into his designs. To all of his work he adds aesthetic quality that incorporates interior and exterior environments.

Creative Director
The Hands


"With art you can create the impossible." mww

Giving Back
Disabled American Veteran

Social Purpose

Art reflects back. While working on the "War" tryptich I contacted veterans and realized how much I need to give back. For any purchase of a "Toy Soldier" $15 will be donated to the Disabled American Veteran organization DAV. For each purchase of an individual portrait 50% of proceeds will be donated to a local shelter or food pantry.

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